Frequently asked questions


My child is having difficulties while on play dates. He is having trouble getting along with their friends and I find I have to referee the entire time.  

I would like to first have a conversation regarding the play skills which concern you and, if appropriate, observe a play date so I can watch your child in action. We can then discuss the social interactions that are taking place with him and his friends, how much is appropriate for their age, and what things we can work on to increase a positive experience for both you and your child.

My child is 4 years old and is still throwing major temper tantrums. How can I lessen the severity and intensity?

We can discuss the triggers that start the temper tantrum and see if small changes in routine can help offset the occurrences. We will work on helping your child to regulate herself so she can understand that she is becoming upset and learn how to calm down. 

My child is 18 months old and not vocalizing very much. Is this something I should be concerned about?

I will meet with you to discuss your concerns and address vocalizations you are hearing. Next we can go through a developmental checklist to determine what is typical at 18 months and what we think your child is capable of doing.