Mission Statement

I offer one-on-one sessions for children with developmental challenges who range in age from birth to second grade. Through collaboration with the parents we determine the child's needs, the family's goals and the best ways to attain them. My approach is to combine insight from the parents and my experience in the educational field. With these insights in mind a plan catered specifically to the child is developed. Utilizing the individualized plan we will begin sessions that will take place at home, the child's classroom or even during a playdate. Among the strategies that can be implemented are the Developmental, Individual Difference and Relationship Based (DIR) Model and Floortime Approach; Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which also includes Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT); and instructional focus areas which consist of joint attention, social interactions, and self regulation.

Focus Areas

Emotional Understanding


Social Interactions



One-on-One Teaching

Parent/Child Interaction

Joint Attention